Teaching Information

Teaching Philosophy

My goals as a teacher are to foster the life-long love of music in my students, and to give each student the tools necessary to succeed at the piano. Lessons will be focused on developing healthy technique, good reading skills, effective practicing habits, and an overall appreciation for music.

Attendance Policy:

No refunds will be made for students who do not come to regularly scheduled lessons. Requests to reschedule lessons must be made 24 hours in advance of lessons.

The instructor will notify students of lesson cancellations at least 24 hour prior to the lesson. If the instructor does not come to a regularly scheduled lesson, the student will be reimbursed.


Students are expected to practice six days a week. Developing healthy practice habits is crucial to each student’s growth as a pianist and will therefore be an important part of lessons. Consistent, mindful practice is essential to improvement, and improvement is a necessary part of continued motivation to learn.

Lesson Etiquette:

Students must wash their hands before lessons and behave in a respectful manner during lessons. Students will be expected to exhibit self-control and attentiveness throughout their lesson. If the student is not willing to follow these guidelines, or if they display destructive behavior, the instructor will end the lesson early with no refund.



  • $20/half-hour

Payment for the entire month is due at the first lesson of the month. Proper payment must be received in a timely manner for lessons to continue. The price of thirty minute lessons is twenty dollars, forty-five minute lessons are thirty dollars, and hour lessons are forty dollars.

Music acquisition:

The student is responsible for purchasing the music assigned to them.

Studio Schedule:

For the spring of 2015 lessons will begin Tuesday, January 20th.

No lessons between March 20th and March 29th.

Spring term will end the week of May 11th.